Andy K. Randall: Wildly Precise Guitars, Shouts
Phil Sicko: Voice, Electronics, Harp
U.L.F. Hell: Deep Four-String Vibes
S.S. Naughtilus: Precisely Wild Guitars, Screams
Perry Striker: Rattle, Boom and Bash

Tina Pankratz (Lead Vocals on Neptune’s Daughters)
Technical Support: Tom Noise, Martin Hickmann, Armin Lehner

Five years after „Sailing Around God‘s Balls“ the Upper Austrian Stoner Heavy Rock band presents their new studio album. Still it‘s deep and straight for- ward in terms of sound, but the songwriting is more distinct than ever before.

Hard, at the same time rhythmically playful riffs mingle with dramatic choruses, while the lyrics sarcastically pull the legs of small spirits and abysmal individuals of our society. Between the lines one will find declarations of love on the Higgs boson and the (deadly) charm of the oceans. That makes a total of ten songs, each one of which is drawing out (fictional) characters, who are wonderfully illustrated on the cover by SBÄM aka Stefan Beham. This artwork is his first ever he‘s contributing to an Austrian band, after working for bands such as Violent Femmes, NOFX, Flogging Molly and many more. The recordings took place in Phil Sicko‘s studio KAPU AUDIO SOLUTIONS, the same place where bands from many different genres developed their sound lately, for example Pastor, The Devil‘s Rejects, BUG or the old Pop Masters of Shy.

In 1998, the five friends went to pay musical tribute to the just deceased Kyuss. Reproducing the creative work of honoured Rock‘n Roll heroes went well until 2006, when, despite the excessive live shows they were already known for, things became a bit odd. Starting to write own material was kind of a resurrection, Porn To Hula went to become a „real“ thing, with only the excessive live shows still being elementary.